Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Childhood Memories

- My jaw making contact with my brothers knee and my lower two front teeth chipping
- Smoking straws of hay pretending they were cigarettes
- Collecting cat eyes (pieces of shot-out glass) in the BLM
- Making sage brush forts
- Playing house on the farm equipment
- Making up songs while hoeing beets
- Discovering alternative music.....before I thought country was the only genre that existed
- Singing a Shania Twain duet with my sister
- Doing Paula Abduls dance video in the living room
- Watching my brother skin a rattle snake
- Getting blisters from the handlebars of my bike
- Feeding my eel, Spike
- Picking out a cute piglet for 4-H
- Throwing dirt clods at each other to pass time while hauling rock
- Learning how to saddle and brush a horse
- Hit the deck
- Catching lizards and snails
- Playing in the sand pile my mom made us
- Smiley face stickers
- The smell of dirt during harvest
- What lava rock looks like under a microscope
- Jack rabbits and grasshoppers
- Clothes line
- Pepsi...the drink and my favorite dog
- The excitement of power outages and snow days
- Picking an excessive amount of flowers, drying them and having the hardest time throwing them away
- The one time I can remember getting my dads boot in the knocked me down flat on my face but I deserved it
- Homemade mac and cheese
- Canning food
- Gathering caterpillars and milk weed
- Monarch butterflies
- My dads rough hands
- Murder She Wrote
- Burning myself many times with the curling iron, once on my upper looked like a dirty stache
- The disappointment in myself after every school photo
- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and The Oregon Trail
- Getting lice from school
- Watching my cat give birth....shocking but kind of cool
- Winning two group lip sync competitions
- Doing 10 back hand springs down the front lawn
- The smell of sage brush after it rains
- The taste of well water
- Running in circles on the tramp while being roped by my brother
- Rope burns
- Clear nights and star gazing
- Two-Door Silver Volkswagon Pick-up truck that can jump a 6 foot canal
- Grated dirt roads
- Zinc nose
- My brother cheering me on my first time skiing down a little hill by our house
- Catching tad poles in the pond

I'm thinking that maybe I should be living in a trailer park in North Dakota

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  1. Didnt you name that pig you picked out Bacon? hahaha. My bro and I also would take reeds from plants in our backyard and light them and we called it balooping. haha